supplements from uckele


3 with cushings here and still learning 
my one mare just diagnosed recently and is IR as well 
both mares lame not sure if  the other mare is IR  have to doublecheck i am currently learning about seasonal rise etc 

question trying to get off bute and want to try uckele products for some comfort 
they are very picky mares.... hate california trace..... slowly trying vermont blend not eating it too great leave some feed in the  bucket...... they get very little i might add (feed) they are both heavy !
so i am leary of trying uckele phtyo quench money is an issue 
why cant i just try uckele devils claw ?? or another product with devils claw and turmenic ?
is it because of what else is in it ? sugar or other things they cannot have 
thank you 
fyi i am switching them to stabul one for feed  this week and hey they are eating it !! so happy  
Koal, Sandi and Kia  

Renee SD 2020

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