Re: Bullitt has PPID - How to start meds?


Hi Sarah,
I wanted to give you a link to a good document about pergolide.

I recommend that you purchase the APF adaptogen mentioned in the "Side Effects" paragraph near the bottom of the document. Here is a link with more info about APF.
I had a horse that was diagnosed with Cushings/PPID. I followed the advise given to me by members of this group. I began giving my horse APF four days before he was started on pergolide. His initial dose was a 1/4 of his full dose for 4 days then 1/2 dose for 4 days then full dose after that. He never experienced the depression, loss of appetite and lethargy that is called the VEIL.In fact he took the pergolide so well that I was able to speed up the dose increases.

How you will manage splitting a tiny dose down even further? That won't be easy. I would suggest putting the pergolide (Prascend) into a treat like a prune or something else that is soft. Some people manage to core out a piece of carrot to put the medication into. 

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Best of luck for your mini.
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