Re: New Bloodwork & question on feed while exercising


My deceased horse Mouse was IR and PPID. I used to do endurance with him and after we both "retired" from endurance we continued to ride the trails 3xweek. I carried low esc/starch hay while trail riding in a simple nylon drawstring bag. I think these simple bags are used for work out shoes/clothes. Anyway I put it over one shoulder and my head so the bag hung beneath the other arm. I could easily pull handfuls of hay out to feed him as we went down the trails. Did I let him have some grass while riding, yes, but we never stopped long anywhere with grass. I found that keeping hay going into him on the constant trickle system (his hay was always given in 1" hay nets) and riding him regularly allowed him to have constant hay while at home.
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

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