Re: Lame on fronts - what do I do next?

Sherry Morse

Hi Stephanie,

You'll get a full welcome letter shortly but for us to assist you we'll need to see pictures of the trim and also x-rays if you have them.  You'll also be asked to complete a case history which will give us a better overview of what's going with your guy.

If you haven't already had x-rays or blood work having both done would be my next move if this were my horse.  Complete metabolic panel (glucose, insulin and ACTH) and x-rays to see what's going on internally.  Instructions on how to make sure you get useful x-rays are in the Wiki:  I also would not be riding until you know what's going with your boy and wouldn't put anything on his feet other than boots that he's comfortable in until you know what the problem is.  Once you have a diagnosis you can come up with a treatment plan, but without that you're just guessing at possible causes.

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