Re: urgent Test results back for Rio and says not IR


Checking in to see if anyone has had experience with insulin results being so low after using Invokana that according to the IR calculator you horse registers as not IR?

I am concerned perhaps that Rio’s and Storm’s bloods got mixed up somehow as Storm’s result are high for insulin and Rio’s are so low the calculator says she isn’t IR.  I would be happy if they are correct.. well I think I would if there isn’t any other consequences of her insulin being that low.

My vet happened to be in my area today and I managed to get he to pull more blood on both mares and was wondering what the group thought about my results and if I should retest storm and Rio.  Thoughts please as I need to know and let my vet know about the bloods ASAP.

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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