Re: Lame on fronts - what do I do next?


Stephanie, do read this section about Diagnosis and testing. 

*Before calling your vet to draw blood for tests, we suggest saving time and wasted money by reading these details and then sharing them with your vet so that everyone is on the same page regarding correct testing and protocols.

*Please remember to request copies of the results of all the tests done rather than just relying on verbal information. Your vet should be able to email these to you. If you have previous test results, please include those as well. All should go in your CH, but if you are having any trouble with the CH, just post in the messages for now. 

Many vets still tell their clients to FAST their horse for a period before the blood draw. This can just give a false negative. The ECIR recommends having safe hay in front of your horse for several hours before the blood draw. NO grain or supplements, just the hay.

Here is the web site link to a detailed explanation about Diagnosis and Tests:

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