Mule diagnosed with PPID. Questions

Sherrie Yuschak


I have a 10yr old mare TWH mule diagnosed last week w/ PPID. 
ACTH = 124
Glucose = 70
Insulin not evaluated.
She was not fasted (pasture and hay pellets prior blood draw)
She has been losing topline and has a hay belly. The loss of topline has been since winter but it has gotten worse over the summer. No laminitis. I will be moving her home within the next month, putting her on a grassless track system with hay and starting Prescend.
  • My question is regarding grass and diet. I so often see PPID combined with IR and recommendations all lean toward managing the IR. How strict do I need to manage her diet once she is in a good range with Presecend? No grass? No weeds? No fruit or starchy vegetable treats? OR are these ok to give in limited amounts since she doesn't have IR?
  • Also, must I have my hay tested? I planning on timothy (shipped in) or coastal is local. 

I recognize in a perfect world it's helpful to manage most horses as if they have IR and that traditional horse feeding isn't healthy. However, I don't want to worry myself sick about things that aren't critical as that steals joy.

Wishing I didn't need to be part of this group but so thankful for everyone's support and knowledge!



Sherrie Yuschak in NC 2020

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