Tarson PPID or EMS or both?


Greetings,  I was unsuccessful getting my info in a file but will try again.  In the mean time I am hoping you can help interpret these results.  Tarson is a 24 year old Arabian gelding in healthy weight that gives 3-4 lessons each week.  His diet is free choice grass/alfalfa mix hay.  Occasionally he gets a bit sore footed, most often after a trim.  I recently got his test results back from Cornell.  Glucose 89mg/dL (71-122);  ACTH 33.6pg/mL (9-35)k;  Insulin 82.37ulU/mL (10-40);  Leptin 4.63ng/mL (1-10)  Would he be considered both PPID & EMS?  If so do we need to start on Pergolide?  Thank you!

Karla Stanley
ND 2013

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