Re: Maintain Bodie on 9 mgs pergolide or not?

Sherry Morse

Hi Lynn,

Decreasing doses of pergolide is usually only feasible in the early stages of PPID. When did he develop laminitis symptoms? When was this latest test performed?  From your CH it looks like you bumped him up to 8mgs on Aug 6 and retested on the 25th which is not quite 3 weeks but probably close enough.  At that point he was 31.5, but if he developed symptoms after that it's a pretty good indication that 8mgs is not enough for him during the rise.

Unfortunately the only way to determine if you could drop the dose would be to retest him early next year and see what his level is at that point. You could either drop the dose back to 7mgs and then test 3 weeks later to see or leave him at 9mgs and check him on that dose, but unfortunately there really is no right or wrong answer as this is all very much dependent on the individual horse.

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