Re: Alex

Melanie Pewe

Sherry -

Thanks - I have struggled with the case history as it never works on my phone and I rarely have access to a computer. (but do today)
I live in rural ND and have very limited access to feeds - balance cubes are not an option. I rarely can find any cubes that are not at least part alfalfa. I am using them as he is starting to wad up some hay and spit it out despite having had dental work. It might be easier to locate timothy pellets. He is not overweight and I am concerned of weight loss heading into winter here in ND - we regularly get 20-40 below temps. 

When he had his blood drawn in May he was on dry lot as well - just for 3 days prior to testing. There are no lush pastures here.
I have no clue what my hay is - the hayland was here when I moved in 1993. Mixed - mostly grass - what kind no clue. 
I do not weigh my hay - at this point I nearly let him have all he wants as he has not been eating well the past few weeks.
Balanced yes.
Retesting is not an option - I was out of work from March - September with no unemployment. $$$ plus a farm call.


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