from cabergoline back to CP

LJ Friedman

Jesse received his final dose of Cabergoline today. I will be going back to compounded pergolide. My thought is that tomorrow I will start apf for five days And after those five days start the compounded pergolide  20 mg. My thought is not to wait the full 10 days i usually wait between cabergoline doses  and start  the cp at day five.  My reasons are avoiding $10 a day cost of cabergoline , avoiding the one or two day veil although it is a very light veils , and thirdly he’s getting very annoyed with the injections. I know I’m supposed to wait till December but because he’s getting so annoyed I feel like this is a  very small sign I should start pronto. Always available for thoughts on this as I know many of us you want  Jesse to succeed.  thanks .
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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