Re: APF Primer for Newbies


Bonnie, my guess is that it doesn’t matter which you use to prevent a pergolide veil.  The Regular seems to work fine.  The others have additional ingredients which are apparently not critical for our purposes.  When I first learned of APF, my horse had already been started on pergolide, with a minimal veil.  A few years later, Logo went through a bad fall because the rise got ahead of me and I was using it as an aid in his recovery.  

A question Lida might ask later would be about administration.  I always give it by oral syringe.  It has a slightly unusual taste, like a tonic.  Logo loved it, which had a lot to do with my continuing to give it to him.  Some of my other guys think it tastes nasty and I would not consider adding it to their feed.

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