Starting Prascend and Exercise


This might be a really dumb question, but I could not find any information on this outside of those who are dealing with laminitis. So maybe it is a non issue. Is there any issue with starting a horse on prascend and continuing to ride?

I trail ride my horse once a week about 8-12 miles, sometimes up to 15 miles. These are easy miles. Mostly walking and if he is willing, a bit of trotting/cantering. He is usually willing and on the way back usually wants to be the lead horse and he still has good energy when we get back to the trailer. We do have quite a few hills in this area, but it is Indiana, so nothing like what you can get out west or east. So while they may "seem" challenging, they really are not and if they are a bit steep, it doesn't go on for very long.

Anyway, we are getting into the most beautiful riding weather here and I don't want to miss it.  So I am wondering if it is better to wait a few weeks and enjoy the riding weather before starting? My vet did say I could wait a couple of months. She did not feel there was an urgency to start ASAP. The main issue we have had is abscesses. He has had 3 of them since June. So I definitely want to keep those from happening.


September 2020

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