PPID without IR and Grazing

Anna Dolly

good morning, y'all,
I have a question and I hope it makes as much sense as it seemed to in the middle of the night. Babe's diagnosis of PPID is mild, and vet and I are both hoping it's seasonal, but don't know that yet.
I have substituted the alfalfa mash with orchard/timothy mash (much to both my horses' disappointment). They both get Triple Crown Senior and I'm splitting their rations into 3 meals, rather than the 2 they used to get. All their hay (brome) is steamed, due to Babe's heaves, and they get as much as they care to eat.
My question is about grazing. They are currently on a lot that's close to an acre and while I seeded it this spring, prior to all this abscess and laminitis and PPID business was known, little came up because the 1/2 acre pen I had them in flooded and I had to put them back on this lot. There is some greenery, mostly weeds, but they do find a blade or two to nibble on occasionally. 
With no IR in the picture, next year would it be safe to let them graze on the 1/2 acre some? I've always been careful about acclimating them when they've had none at all, and I wouldn't just turn them out and walk off, it would be limited, both because it would need to be and a half acre that's only about half grass wouldn't last long anyhow.
thoughts, please?
Anna Dolly
Keyser, WV
Sept. 2020
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