Effects of long term high insulin levels


Could someone explain the effects of long-term high insulin levels to me? Is it more than just increasing the risk for a laminitic episode? 

This came up in discussion with my BO last night. We are trying to safely put weight on Flame. I’m trying to implement weighing a set amount of hay to soak and feed to him daily. I had thought that each meal was being weighed by the worker at the barn but just  found out that it hasn’t been being weighed for a very very long time. He’s just guessing by feel how much to feed. So I will now be weighing each meal myself. The BO compared the soaked hay to pablum & questioned Flame’s quality of life because of it & because of his body condition. He’s a typical EMS/IR/diabetic horse with muscle wasting at the top line, ribs showing & a little pot belly. Flame very rarely doesn’t finish his meals and he attacks his hay nets with gusto. He also really enjoys the TC balanced timothy cubes & the Mountain Sunrise timothy pellets. He is sound & enjoys getting out for rides & lunges every day. I even showed him last month. He is happy & cheerful, he doesn’t hide in the back of his pen or have a bad attitude. I was honestly shocked by the conversation last night and just need help explaining in a little more detail to the BO why he looks the way he does & how the high insulin levels/EMS can course that. Thanks in advance! 

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