Re: How Long Does the Veil Last?


My poor Snickers is still "off" his prepared feed.  Just to recap:  Sept 29/20 began Prascend 1/2 tablet, the next day he left behind about 1/3 of his prepared beetpulp, probiotic, hempseed oil, OminoTrace. Day 3, left 1/2 of the feed, and has continued to eat less and less.  However, his appetite for his hay appears undiminished and he is not losing any weight. We thought at first that it was due to the OminoTrace Mad Barn because it certainly stinks.  We removed all supplements.  We tried soaked hay cubes, various combinations of hay cubes & beetpulp.  We thought we had the problem solved when we tried adding SuperFibra Nature.  For 3 days he ate well, then gradually less and now for the past 3 days he has refused to even try the feed we make.  Today is Day 15 of Prascend at 1/2 tablet, the goal being to get him to 1 tablet.

I can't get APF anywhere in Ontario or Canada for that matter. 

To make matters more confusing, he has developed a bad abscess in the right front and is in a great deal of pain.  I suspect that pain could be contributing to him being off his feed however, he never lost his appetite during his laminitic spells.

My vet is still saying to stick it out on the 1/2 tablet of Prascend because she is concerned about the ACTH of 111 (so am I)

I'm wondering just how much longer we should let this continue before stopping the Prascend?  And when you stop Prascend, how long does it typically take for the appetite to return to normal?
Teresa O in Ontario, Canada 2020

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