shoes or no shoes for lame horse

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Good day everyone 
My 2 mares are lame again this fall for the  last few weeks. One already has cushings no shoes went up to 2 pills and diet change  ..... took one mare to vet  because she got severely lame and got xrays and shoes because of vet and farrier recommendations and we probably waited too long! 
We got blood work and diagnosed cushings and IR (I believe) she started on half pill; needs one but stopped eating so dropped back to half for now. My vets never seem to never give us copies of blood work gonna have to ask again to upload and xrays for that matter . My question should I have my other mare xrays and shoes ? 
She is not as bad but is like this every fall. I am worried about rotation but I do not know if I should do shoes on her too ? She does not tolerate shoes very well we tried them last year not much improvement so did not put them back on and she also needs to be traq. each time which I do not like either. 
I am guessing I better get her xrays done but they will insist on shoes etc. 
I have also changed their diets since and they are both heavy and cannot be excercised due to their pain level.
Hopefully I get the copies I need to upload !!!!  

Renee SD 2020

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