Re: shoes or no shoes for lame horse

Sherry Morse

Hi Renee,

As you have already guessed, we need more information to help answer any questions.  You've been here long enough to know that we prefer no shoes and boots as needed for comfort so frequent trims are possible.  

The mare that is confirmed PPID and IR - what are her test results?  Is she the one that went to the vet?  Did the trim get changed based on x-ray results before shoes were put on?  Can we please have you at least create a photo album and upload current hoof pictures and body shots of this mare.  A case history document with information on her height/current weight/ideal weight/current diet/when diagnosed with PPID/what medications she is on and how long she has been on them would be helpful to answer questions on her.  You say you 'went up to 2 pills and diet change' but then say she started on a half pill and needs one - which one of those is correct?

Your other mare that 'is like this every fall' is probably also PPID or IR but it sounds like you haven't had her tested at all.  Is that correct?  If so, I would suggest having her blood work done ASAP so you know how to treat her.  If you are worried about rotation you need to have her x-rayed to see what is going on internally.  Again, we do not recommend shoes as you can't trim as frequently as most of these horses need so boots would be a better option for her as well.  Again, a case history document with all the information as for your other mare will be helpful.

Remember, you are in charge of these horses and are paying their bills.  The vet cannot force you to put shoes on a horse that you don't want to put them on.

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