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I previously posted Storms latest blood tests which I updated to her case history.  I need some guidance with how to proceed with her care and lameness issues.

She has never tested positive to acth in April 2019 not this fall. However due to fall lameness issues we started her on a trial of prascend with seemed to improve her lameness this spring which was a good sign.  She became lame again this early fall late summer again so we decided to increase prascend and retest.  She is on 2mgs of prascend and her ACTH this fall was 3 vs 3.1 in spring of 2019.  Her insulin tested at 199 pmol this fall which from is below the level to cause foot pain from my understanding.  My question is should I co time the Prascend for her asked on these results?  

She still suffers lameness issues mainly with her LF.  It comes and goes and putting boots on her and pads sometimes helps and other times doesn’t. Since her insulin is too low to cause laminitis issues and the vets have it found anything to point to what could be wrong with her and agree upon it I am at a loss as to what to do.  No ,after what I try I cannot get her to land heel first on this foot.  I have noticed that it is terribly hard to get her to flex this foot in her Pastern area and it is almost like a knarled up hand suffering from arthritis...but according to vets no arthritis.  Since this is the foot she was diagnosed with a DDFT in years ago which then lead to her being shoved with wedges and high heels to unload the heel.  Decided to remove shoes when it no longer seemed to be effective.  What I was wondering is could she be suffering from scar tissue on this foot and possibly healed in away that does not allow her to flex that foot properly to allow for heel to landings. And if so what can I do to help my poor girl.

Please give me your suggestions.
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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