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Thank you for your replies. The hay analysis that I had done was over a year ago. That hay is long gone and I don’t know what the analysis of the hay that I’m currently feeding is which is why we soak it every day. I am now measuring the hay out for them so I at least have a consistent amount that I’m giving him. Trying to find the amount he will eat without leaving excess waste. Dr. Kellon I will implement the changes you suggested. I worm him twice a year, less often then the other boarders horses, since he’s not allowed to go out on the pastures. I understand that soaking hay takes out the sugars and starches, and that I’m guessing reduces some of the calories of the hay, but does it remove all the calories? My barn owner thinks soaking removes every single calorie out of the hay & that’s why Flame isn’t gaining weight. I don’t feel that this is right but I also don’t know how to explain it to her. Thanks in advance!
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