Re: Effects of long term high insulin levels

Kirsten Rasmussen

Soaking does not remove all the calories, but it does reduce them a bit.  One of our members did a back of the envelope calculation and figured if 30% of the sugars were lost to soaking for a 7% ESC hay, it translates to about 4.6% loss in calories.
That's a ballpark estimate but I would add 0.5-1 lb to make up for the lost calories, and just monitor condition and adjust accordingly.   

Another way to do it is to test unsoaked and soaked hay samples from the same hay.  I recently sent soaked and unsoaked samples in for carb testing and your post reminded me that I should make sure DE (digestible energy) is included in the tests to see how much the calories drop with soaking....I will report back when I have the results, but I know others will have done the same and maybe they can tell you what percentage of calories were lost with their soaked hay.  It will vary, just like the amount of sugars soaked out varies depending on the hay.

Soaked hay is not Pablum, but even if it was so what!?  Once again after reading your post I am outraged!  I decided not to comment the first time, but now I am...  Food texture and even taste does not define quality of life.  Soaked hay has not lost all its calories or 'goodness'.  Sugars and potassium are reduced, but potassium is always in excess so that's not an issue.  Things like dirt (including iron) and dust are also reduced, to the benefit of the horse.  If soaking is only kept to 1 hr max, I am not aware of any other significant loss of minerals.  These comments all come from lack of knowledge so, yes, please educate your BO.  Based on your description of Flame he does not sound like he is suffering.  You don't have any recent photos of him posted but I imagine if he was shown recently his condition is reasonably good.  He sure looked good in 2016!

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