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so Rio has something stuck in her mouth or her teeth I suspect as is acting weird when she eats. Or vet checked her teeth last time when she took bloods and her teeth were good but now she keeps opening and closing her mouth, licking her lips lots and at times paws at her hay. Other times she seems to not have issues eating and it has been on an off for about 2 days now with this. I have tried to connect with my vet on this but we are having a hard time connecting.  She also thinks something stuck in her teeth or mouth based on the videos I took and sent her.

i have tried to look in her mouth and feel inside but hard when she keeps chewing and don’t want to loose a finger lol.  I also have tried to flush her mouth out on numerous occasions to see if I can dislodge whatever she has in there... but no luck.

so I was wondering does anyone have any tips or tricks to see inside a horse mouth by a horse owner.

as my vet is 2 hours away from me, I worry about hauling her 2 hours one way then back again with her recovering hooves.  Any ideas on that and distance one can travel with a horse or is there a time frame after laminitis that hauling is safer.

i have a clinic that is about 40 minutes from me that could possibly look at her... but it isn’t my regular vet and they are not versed in IR protocols in regards to sedatives. I am thinking that that distance is closer to haul her but not sure if i should even consider hauling her.  Getting a vet out to my area is very tough on short notice so just thing yo find best options. 

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.  
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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