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Thanks Martha.  Yes all is normal in regards to temp, resp rate, attitude etc.  I sent videos to my vet and she agrees she is presenting as if something stuck in her teeth or mouth.  It appears to be along the cheek area in the left side of her mouth.  I hesitate to give an nsaid at this point as want her to still be carful chewing and worry if she isn’t she might choke esp with her soaked cubes.  She is acting like she is trying to get whatever it is out with her tongue and moving her jaw.  

Do you or anyone on the forum know about hauling horses who are recovering from laminitis?  Any guidelines as to how long after laminitis that they can be safely hauled in regards to hurting their hooves or for how long?  

Thoughts or ideas?

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Heather, from your description, that sounds like a pain response to me.  Do you have any banamine you can give her (orally) to see if the chewing stops?  You should probably take her temperature first.  
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