Urgent Emergency


My mare Schimpie got cast in her stall tonight and managed to get both hind legs & feet stuck in the stall bars ...she struggled , flailed and tore the bars/grate down with her hind legs and feet stuck..we had to get a saw to cut the bars in order to free her ....the vet gave her IV dmso , banamine , Gentacin, and Equisule...she tore the back of her heel bulb in the left hind hoof , and gashed the corbi art band ...she also had some gashes above and below her right hock ...the vet said she was in shock and thinks she should have naquazone -which contains dexamethasone ...problem is she had an acute bout of laminitis in June which was induced by steroids that were given for her allergies ...I’m very hesitant to give her naquazone given her recent history of laminitis ..but he said with a trauma like this and her being in shock she should have it ...it’s packets ..he wants me to give her 3 packets which would equal 15mg ...what should I do ?? I’m freaked out by this accident , freaked out that’s shes in shock and also very torn if I should give her this naquazone ...vet says it’s what you do for a trauma /injury 
Michele Goldberg
Bernville, Pa 
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