Re: Urgent Emergency


Hi Dr Kellon ,
Her gums were normal ...heart and respiration were obviously high due to the event ...she was shaking/shivering/trembling ...he did not give IV Dex but left me with naquazone for the potential and anticipated swelling from the trauma. I did not give it to her ...this morning she is bright alert and happily eating her hay ...had pee/poop overnight ...she’s got swelling on both hind legs ...looking more like very stocked up..,the hock is fluidy looking like she’s got a hematoma or seroma most likely from banging it on the walls ...she is weight bearing and walking sound all things considered ..,my other vet suggested maybe giving just 1 packet ?? Again I still haven’t given anything ...I’m so afraid of it causing a laminitis flare up ...but the vet warned me that laminitis could potentially occur in her other feet from supporting the injured leg/hoof and or potentially from any endotoxins due to tissue dieing from the crushing nature of this type of trauma. I’m scared to death ..I sent video and pictures to the vets this morning and they said amazingly looks a lot better than he expected.

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Bernville, Pa
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