Re: Compounded Pergolide instead of Prascend


Compounded pergolide is legal and is available in the states and in Canada at licensed compounding pharmacies.  Compounded pergolide is not inferior to Prascend as it is the same ingredient, pergolide mesylate. Forms of pergolide have been shown to have different rates of stability. The ECIR group has recommended compounded pergolide in capsule form as the capsules help to protect the pergolide from heat, light and moisture, the environmental effects that increase instability in pergolide. The most stable form of the drug is Prascend's form, tablets, wrapped in foil and opaque plastic blister paks. However, tablets are difficult to get into horses, and the cost ( which the AAEP says is not a valid reason to Rx compounded, because apparently they don't live in the real world) makes Prascend prohibitive to many owners when the horse needs more than 1-2mgs per day to control ACTH. 

Two of the most used compounding pharmacies here in the states  by members that compound pergolide are Wedgewood Pharmacy and Pet Health Pharmacy. Canadian members can provide info on Island Pharmacy. Both Wedgewood and Pet Health are accredited by the Association of Compounding Pharmacies and are licensed to dispense to almost all the states in the USA.

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