Hello I am new to this list.

marcia <marcia@...>

I don’t have a lot of information from my vet because he has not given me the information.  Today I picked up the medication. I received the information last Monday that Priddy my 14 year old mare has Cushing’s.  My farrier had noticed when we got her in April 2019 that she had several rings on her hooves, and we had better watch her closely.


My question is this. We have Pergolide 2 mg in capsules. How do you divide this up without spilling the dust everywhere. My vet wants to give her ½ a cap in the morning & ½ at night for 10 days.  Then ½ cap once a day for 90 days.  I have texted him but have not heard back from him.


Thank you all for being here.


Marcia M

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