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Lorna Cane

I used to use an index card for this. I folded the card in half, opened the capsule, carefully tipped half of the capsule onto the fold of the card, carefully tipped the card over a syringe and let the powder go into the syringe....holding a finger over the syringe tip. I then sucked a bit of water up into the syringe,and syringed it into pony's mouth.
Then recap the capsule, and feed it the next time.
You can also put a bit of water into the syringe first,hold finger over the tip,and let tihe powder slip into that.
But in your case, I question feeding the pergolide twice a day instead of once. It appears to be a better idea to give it once daily,if possible.
Then the  concern becomes not wanting to start off with 2 mg. If it were me, I would start off using the method above,to halve the amount ,and retest in several weeks.
Some members here have titrated up to 1 mg,for starters,but I have never had to do that. I know they will speak up.
Has your vet explained why you should start with 2mg. ,and then back off to 1 mg. .

Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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