chickens in horse hay/ chance for salmonella with my IR horse

Daisy Shepherd

at my boarding place, they have free roaming chickens.  tonite as my horse ate his soaked hay( 4# is what he gets soaked  other is dry), there were 3 chickens scratching and eating with him. my concern is salmonella;  do i need to worry?   my history : about 20 yrs ago my morgan mare had salmonella that probably came from chickens and ducks that frequented her living space;  vet diagnosed;  she was extremely ill, vet thought she might die; she did not but was extremely ill for about 10 days before she started to improve.  i did change boarding places.   i would not choose to have my tiko  go through this.  can some one with knowledge on this please give me some advice?  thank you so much, daisy and tiko
Daisy, Tiko and Whisper
CO, April 2019
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