Re: Effects of long term high insulin levels

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

He looks bright and generally healthy, about BCS 4.5. He would look different if he wasn't stretched out in a Saddlebred stance. The topline loss is partially muscle and partially fat. If the somewhat lax belly is related it does look like a PPID effect but can't rule out diet without a hay analysis. Same recommendations as before. I also don't see vitamin E on your list of supplements. He should be getting 2000 IU/day from either soft human gelcaps of E in oil (not glycerin) or Uckele Liquid E.

He  may also have reached the point where his chewing forces are decreased and he doesn't process hay as well as when he was younger. If that's the case he'll do better having a large proportion of his calories coming from soaked cubes.
Eleanor in PA 
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