Sandy Gazzard

hi, I  know thrush is not a lami problem per say. but it is just  become   big problem for me. I keep my mare on a bare track, I poo is every day , she was in very bad mud last winter, weather was terrible.  she didn't get mud fever ,and  no  thrush until the spring.
its only early altumn now and she is getting thrush in her heels -never had it there before, but its getting worse. ive cleaned hoof with cider apple vinegar, and applied hoof putty(clay) ive put mud control mats in the track where she stands for hay.  
I could shut her in  for the winter , but she needs lots of movement. I cant let her out in the grass,even muzzled .she gets bad f.f.l.( water in poos)  and it very at risk of  weight gain and lami. 
 I don't know what I can do. sorry for long post 
 many thanks 
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