2 months after initial laminitis episode


I am caretaker for a 16h Tennessee Walker mare that developed laminitis early August. She is obese (fatty deposits at withers and base of tail and cresty neck) and owner had her on sweet feed as well. She had access to grass pasture but spent most of her time on a partial alfalfa pasture. At the onset I immediately took her off pasture and sweet feed. She was very sore so had her on 2g bute a day. She is now off bute completely. Initial trim after onset seemed to provide some pain relief but most recent trim, 2 weeks ago, she is very sore again. Left front showed some sole bruising and right front has separated lamina. She does not hoof test sore and has very thick soles. I have recently put her in therapy boots that I had for my own horse (old injury) which seemed to help some. Vet was out to see her and confirmed laminitis but owner refused to pay for radiographs so I’m trying to figure out if I am doing the right things...what else I can possibly do for her...is this typical 2 months in? She is on grass hay and has lost weight since being inside. She gets 20 lbs of hay per day. Should I be soaking it? Should I have it tested? Any advice or guidance would be most appreciated! I feel so badly for her and with my limited resources I’m not sure what else to do.
Thanks so much!
Phyllis W in OH 2020

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