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I managed to touch base with my regular equine vet about Rio's teeth issue and we discussed some options to try to flush her mouth out as she still suspects something stuck in her mouth or food gets stuck somewhere as the day progresses making her mouth irritated. In the am Rio has no issues eating her hay or cubes, then at her noon feed she also does well with perhaps a few issues of licking and moving opening and closing her mouth.  When her 5:30 meal comes around she has issues with hay and prefers to eat her cubes and there is usually a lot of pawing, tossing of cubes and hay with her nose and general frustration.  Same with the final night feed.  I have been rinsing her mouth out before each feeding hoping to try to dislodge or relieve some of what is causing her issues.  I have not tried the garden hose trick yet due to the cold weather we dipped down into.  

As my vet cannot get out here today or next week, we discussed trying to get the local vet (40 minutes one way) up next week.  I have a call into him today to discuss options and see if he would be open to trying to look at her without sedation.  I have searched the messages and reviewed the files and have some questions on sedation.

Valium is the safest one from my understanding but based on our last experience with it which could have just been a fluke I am hesitant about trying it again. So if we absolutely need to sedate her would the best option be using dormosedan at a lower dose ie half the reg dose?  I also have rescue remedy which I would like to try first.  Are there any interactions with sedatives if the horse is on Invokana and any that would be better to use in conjunction with Invokana than others. As well she is on 2 mgs of Prascend and J herb, chondroitin and arginine.  I would stop the J herb a day or 2 before the vet came out. 


August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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