Re: Very high ACTH, no symotoms

Bonnie Eddy

I apologize,  guess my old age is making it hard. I initially wanted to know if it's possible to have a high ACTH with no symptoms. 

Bonnie Snodgrass you asked about insulin and glucose.
Joseph with ACTH of 572 no symptoms  age 20
Glucose 99 mg/dL  normal= 71-122
Insulin 20.45ng/mL. normal=10-40

Zane mild symptoms age16 ACTH 172
Glucose  98 normal= 71-122
Insulin  30.02 normal=10-40

Both from Cornell 

Will get the case histories up asap.

Thank you,
Bonnie with Racham (over the rainbow) from Southern California, Nov/2016

Case History
Racham's Photos 


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