Estradiol, Regumste and ad hoc use.

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi Dr Kellon,

If you remember we had Summer on regumate and she ended up looking metabolic and after stopping the hormone and doing a metabolic panel and a hormone panel she was compensated IR, and positive for cushings. All hormones were in normal ranges ans neg for granulosa cell tumor.

I didn't need to use hormone therapy for her cycles until this month and she is having a medium cycle but pressing badly and has injured the top of her tail again. 

I am wondering if estradiol or regumate is a better option knowing that she would not be on it full time only for a week in March and a week in Oct which seem to be her terrible months.

She is on 0.5 of prascend and while she had just come out of the veil she has gone back into the veil since her cycle started.

I have been using low doses of banamine for cycle pain but really want to avoid her getting hurt from pressing. 

She is currently on 6mg of estradiol since Tuesday and mare symptoms have not decreased. She is also on 10 ml of apf pro per day (5ml 2x per day)

Thanks in advance.
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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