Re: Riosa needs help looking forward feedback


Thanks Lavinia for the ideas.  I do think it was something she got stuck in her mouth and each day she is getting better and better but I still want to get the vet out or trailer her to a vet. 

So I posted asking 2 questions.

1) best option for sedation if I need one keeping in mind she is on Invokana.  From my research it looks like maybe Dormasedan?  We tried Valium before and got some weird reaction so want to stay away from that.

2.) if Rio is well controlled with low insulin and glucose levels and not lame, when can she safely be trailered?  Do I have to wait until her hoof has completely grown out? 

She is doing well today with little pawing and chewing issues.  Fingers crossed we are on our way to getting the issue resolved.

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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