Re: chickens in horse hay/ chance for salmonella with my IR horse


We had a barn chicken for a few years.  She was the last of the laying flock and we thought she would be warmer over the winter in a horse stall.  She had her own box but after awhile we began letting her explore the barn and make herself at home.  She was very cute!  She made herself a nest from Logo’s hay droppings on the barn floor right outside his stall .  They didn’t share food so that wasn’t an issue.  But, when I think of all the other critters that share the barn with the horses, chickens might be the least of the problem.  Whenever there’s food around, there’s going to be company.
Martha in Vermont
ECIR Group Primary Response
July 2012 
Logo (dec. 7/20/19), Tobit(EC) and Pumpkin, Handy and Silver (EC/IR)

Martha and Logo


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