Re: Success syringing metformin


After using some tips and tricks with Metformin and Prascend I've also come up with some things that have made the daily medicating a bit easier.

The barn staff syringes her AM and PM with Metformin/water 30 min prior to her hard food (Stabul1). They wipe her mouth afterward. I also do a dose midday. I took 500 Metformin pills and poured them into my Vitamix blender which grounded them into a fine powder. Prior to that I weighed her dose of pills and got a gram measurement. After they are in a powder I weigh a snack baggie (accounting for each baggie weighing 1 gram) with the powder. The barn staff has one baggie per dose for ease of use.

She wants nothing to do with any of her supps (Glycocemic, TriAmino, copper, zinc, salt, E, magnesium, chaste tree berry powder, flax) so I cut her pelleted supps from Uckele in half and add to Stabul1 AM to get her adjusting to them. I am hoping to increase to full amount eventually or do another feeding of supps/Stabul1 for PM feeding in the future. In with her Metformin at midday I add TriAmino, E, salt, magnesium, chaste tree powder. I mix it all with water and form a loose paste. After I shoot this in with a 60cc syringe with a big hole cut in the end, I wipe her mouth with a wet rag, put A&D ointment on her lips and mouth corner and give her some Stabul1. I mix her 1.5 tabs Prascend hidden in a size 0 veggie capsule in with the Stabul1 and she eats it up. If she were to find the veggie capsule and refuse to eat it I would use a dog pill popper and get it in her that way. After that she usually drinks. She likes the apple/banana Uckele treats and one trick I have found that helps her eat her morning Stabul1 with pelleted supps is to add a small amount of the crumbles at the bottom of the treat bag over her food. That gets her interested in her food. Often she will require more than 1 cup of Stabul1 to cover up the smell of the Uckele pelleted supps. The only supplement I haven't figured out how to get in her is the stabilized flax. She absolutely goes off everything else if I attempt that. So she has been a little stinker but I'm working on learning patience and being somewhat satisfied about getting most of her supps in. It's not easy though because I want to know that I am doing 100% of what I can to get her well. 
Pat and Frigga
Monkton, VT

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