Re: Success syringing metformin


Thank you to everyone for their helpful comments. A year or so ago, freshly ground flaxseed (organic golden, freshly ground from ND Flax) was part of her normal diet. One day she just stopped eating it. She wouldn't eat any of her food if it was in there. I will try again by buying a new unground, organic bag at at the heath food store and give it a go in a small amount. 

Also, with regard to the oil mixed in with Metformin powder: I add the contents of the suggested vitamin e capsules which does seem to lubricate the syringe and the mixture overall but not much. The Metformin overpowers it a bit as we are doing 16 per syringe. 

Today the vet comes for insulin blood draw and mouth check for ulcers. Keeping fingers crossed that the news is good and we can start lowering dose of Metformin. 🤞🏽
Pat and Frigga
Monkton, VT

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