Re: 2 months after initial laminitis episode


Hi Sherry,
This is a lot of information and I am still trying to process it all.  I created my case history and uploaded today.  I have no pictures yet but will try to get those soon.  I will also try and get hay tested in the near future.  In the last couple days Patches has really improved and is the best I have seen her without any bute.  She is moving pretty freely in her stall where before she hesitated to move.  She still occasionally favors the right front but nothing like she was. The right front had separated lamina whereas the left front does not.  This all happened within a couple days.  Is this typical? Assume I should keep her stalled for the time being and continue with the feeding schedule I have her on unless i hear otherwise from your group.  In the meantime, I will continue reading all of the information on this website.
Thanks so much
Phyllis W in OH 2020

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