Re: 2 months after initial laminitis episode

Sherry Morse

To do that:
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If you have a dry lot and Patches is comfortable moving around there's no reason that she can't be let out to move about as she wants UNLESS she's acting up and doing herself more damage because she's feeling so much better.  In that case we recommend a smaller area but movement is really helpful to keep circulation going, decrease other soundness issues and even some movement can help with weight loss as needed. 

As far as the current feeding program - without knowing her ideal and current weight there's no way for us to know if 20lbs is enough, too much or too little.  If she needs to lose more weight and she's losing it on that amount then it's probably ok.  If she's not losing weight and needs to, then she needs less...

Is she still being fed the Triumph and the Essential K?  At 8% fat and 33% Sugar + starch the Triumph would blow the feet off most horses on this group (if not most horses in general) so if she's even possibly IR that shouldn't be fed.  The Essential K is also unsuitable for a suspected IR horse with a sugar+starch of 12.5% and a fat content of 6% so she should be off of that as well. 

If you could post trim pictures ASAP Lavinia may be able to get you markups before the next farrier visit.  I would guess you're seeing white line separation in her foot?

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