Re: Update on Ruger and pergolide dosage advice please


Hi Aunna,
I’m not sure what conclusions are to be drawn from the ACTH ‘pattern‘ you’re seeing.  If he were my horse, I would be continuing to increase his pergolide.  If you increase it to 3 mg and then test him appropriately and find it low, you can always cut back.  I try to test at the same time of day each time, preferably early in the morning.  Likewise, I administer pergolide before breakfast each day.  Is it possible he had some excitement on the last testing day, not that I would expect it to jump quite that much In response.
Many of us have found that 3 mg of Prascend were simply not enough to control the ACTH.  There is a database of pergolide dosages on the ECIR site but, due to some work which is being done on the website, I don’t think it’s available at this time.  My horse, Logo, would have been at the top of the list but when I switched him to cabergoline, it became apparent that the pergolide was no longer doing the job for him.
I have not gone back to reread you earlier posts to make sure there’s not something I’m overlooking.  I’ve seen it recommended not to test unless your horse is symptomatic but I don’t know if that might lead to erratic testing results such as you’re seeing.  Would you describe him as symptomatic now?  His lethargy and asthma might be less of an issue with better controlled ACTH, the spookiness I’m not sure about.

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