Re: 2 months after initial laminitis episode


Hi Sherry,
Patches is no longer on the Triumph feed. I took her off that and switched to Essential K at the onset August 1 per the recommendation of my vet. I plan to look for Stabul 1 to see if I can get her switched to that. She has lost weight on the 20 lbs of grass hay per day. I suspect she’s lost around 30 to 40 pounds since the laminitis onset. I’m not sure how to weigh her and I have no way to know what her ideal weight is so any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. Maybe you will have a better idea once I get her pictures out there. I have a small indoor sand arena that she could be on but not sure how to block off a small area. She cannot be trusted to not be rambunctious since she is feeling better. I took her out of the stall for the first time in probably 2 weeks today and was hand walking her on the sand. She tried to rear and prance when my horse came to the window. I know a small area would be the only way to contain her. Absent that, handwalking in the arena would maybe work while my horse is outside? I will work on getting pics out there. Thanks so much for your help! I would love to have trim advice if we can manage that since I feel like that was a setback last time. Yes, she does have white line separation on the right front only.
Thank you!
Phyllis W in OH 2020

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