Re: chickens in horse hay/ chance for salmonella with my IR horse


Another drawback to having free ranging chickens round horses is the possibility of aggravating the lungs of horses who have breathing issues. My deceased horse Mouse had developed heaves from eaten dusty hay that was fed in a raised hay rack/bunk feeder. He had permanent damage from the heaves. Yes it can permanently damage their lungs. It ended his endurance career but he was very rideable for trails/pleasure riding. Then I had to start boarding him. The farm he was moved to had free ranging chickens and his hay bales were kept on wooden pallets in an unused horse stall, dirt floor. The farm owner kept the stall door open and the chickens would enter the stall and scratch thru the floor debris. The dust they stirred up ended up on his hay bales and it aggravated his lungs again. I actually searched for info about chickens and horses and found opinions from vets and barn owners that it appears the normal activity of chickens were the cause of lung aggravation. Thankfully the barn owner was responsive to my request to keep the stall door shut for the most part.

Just my own observations
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

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