Re: Update on Ruger and pergolide dosage advice please


Thank you Martha and Bonnie.  Bonnie, I click on the link in my signature and I can see all of Ruger's bloodwork results.  I am a DVM and collect, process, and ship all of the samples myself.  He's had two submissions this year; the first in September had a lower insulin than in previous years and he has never had foot tenderness, so I did not resubmit the insulin in October.  Martha, in retrospect, I would called him symptomatic last year, as he lost a lot of topline and hindquarter muscle.  I did not want this to happen again this year and he had a convincingly positive TRH response test in January, so I think it was best to treat him and he benefited from my starting treatment earlier.  Hopefully, that makes my situation more clear.  Bonnie, let me know if you still can't see the bloodwork in Ruger's CH.  Maybe I need to do something differently.  Thank you!
October 2018
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