Re: 2 months after initial laminitis episode


Hi Sherry,
I will put a request out there for markups. I added two more pics of the sole. They are probably not as clean as you would like. I scrubbed with a wire brush so hopefully they are clean enough for analysis. If not I will try again.

She has lost some weight but never really had a big belly in my opinion. I think the vet and others called her obese due to the crest and fatty deposits. She used to have fairly large fatty deposits at the base of her tail which have decreased significantly since she’s been inside on the grass hay diet. The crest used to be hard as a rock but has also decreased in size. I wouldn’t say it is soft and moveable but is not hard either.

Thanks again for all your help.
Phyllis W in OH 2020,,,20,2,0,0

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