Re: Compounded Pergolide instead of Prascend

Kirsten Rasmussen

Renee, you need to chose a compounding pharmacy (ideally one that other members recommend here) or ask your vet to chose one, and have a prescription sent to that pharmacy written out as detailed above.  Although your vet cannot legally prescribe compounded pergolide because Prascend is getting too expensive for you, you can tell your vet that your horses are difficult to get pills in to and it would be easier for you or barn staff to dose them reliably if you only had to give 1 higher strength (compounded) pill instead of multiple Prascend pills.  Make sure you get the pergolide in tablet form.  The liquid or chewable forms are not as stable and we do not recommend them.  It's also handy to keep some unexpired Prascend pills on hand for small dose increases, like prior to the seasonal rise or if you see worsening symptoms or elevated ACTH.

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