Re: APF Pro 1x or 2x per day?


Hi Nancy!
I had been struggling  with similar thoughts, but finally got on a forward path with APF and pergolide. The process is hard initially, so much to take in and wanting to do what is right! I started my horse on 4mls for about 4 days and then started the .25 dose of prascend. Gradually I would increase the APF (PRO due to her ulcer issues), and increase the prascend. As APF went up so did Pergolide. I dosed APF mid day, allowed a few hours and then dosed with pergolide last feed of night. We finally just got to 1mg and 10ml.  After a few days at 1mg, Im going to try to back off APF slowly. She may need it continually and will observe how she is reacting. Each case surely must be different though. Im sure there are many more on the site that know more than I but wanted to share with you. This is a wonderful place to be getting help with the members on  here! Good luck!
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