High ACTH for two mini horses, asking input on Vet's rec to start on Prascend


Test results from Cornell for 10/6/20 show high ACTH for both mini horses, Bella and Destiny (In February they were both in normal range, although Bella was high normal.) I've updated Bella's CH and added a new CH for Destiny.  
Vet wants to put them both on 0.5 mg of Prascend. When I mentioned titrating up to that he was fine with that. It sounds like he does not think we need to retest anytime soon, and that the time to test is during the seasonal rise.
Brief summary:

In Feb, Bella was diagnosed by vet with laminitis. Her feet are still sore, but much improved with boots, she walks around the dry lot and keeps up with the other mini's.  
Insulin  >200 in July,  135.85 in Oct. 
ACTH was 29.2 in Feb, and is now 139
The vet called Destiny obese in February. I've been exercising her at the trot, about 25 minutes 3x/week, and she has lost about 50 lbs. She is sound, no issues with laminitis.
Insulin  > 200 in July,  31.67 in Oct.  
ACTH was 19.2 in Feb, and is now 318.
Both of these mini's have lost about 50 lbs since February. They both develop very thick coats in the winter, but always shed out. I have not noticed any excessive drinking of water, or muscle loss.
I would appreciate your input and advice, especially about dosage of Prascend and when to retest ACTH.
Thank you,

Lynn Cox
Kern County, CA

May, 2007 

Bella Case History   https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Lynn%20and%20Bella
Destiny Case History  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Lynn%20and%20Destiny  .
Photos, Bella, Destiny, Zoe, Pip   

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