horses shifted from compensated IR to uncompensated IR

Trisha DePietro

I updated Dolly's CH. I will work on Hope's tomorrow- I sent their ACTH, insulin and glucose to check on the seasonal rise and the G/I ratio says they are both uncompensated IR. Previous testing showed compensated IR- Their ACTH is the lowest its ever been...would this seem reasonable during the seasonal rise? ( I expected it to be much higher). If,by chance, the sample for ACTH was not handled properly- would that have skewed the insulin and glucose results too or is that drawn in a different tube?  If I go with these results, I am thinking that I need to review their diet and increase their exercise. to get them to switch back to there anything else I should be reviewing and or doing? Thanks for your thoughts.

Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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